Milk Thistle Farm closed in January of 2012. Owner Dante Hesse, told the New York Times that “the odds are just not in favor of small-scale agriculture.”

Mr. Hesse founded Milk Thistle Farm in 2007 after leaving Hawthorne Valley. While it was in business, Milk Thistle Farm produced some of the best dairy in the Hudson Valley - organic, low temperature pasteurized milk from primarily grass-fed Jersey cows. Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk Bar was a big fan, and so were we.

We are sad to see you go! @Mr. Hesse, if you ever decide to re-open Milk Thistle Farm, we will happily transfer this domain to you at no charge... though a couple gallons of milk would be appreciated : )

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When it was operational, Milk Thistle Farm sold a full line-up of milks: whole milk (non-homogenized), reduced fat milk, skim milk, and chocolate milk. Milk Thistle Farm also sold half-and-half, heavy cream, and yogurt

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